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Smooth, but not a criminal.
25 June 2011 @ 10:55 pm

A few rules:

+ Make sure we have a fandom in common (that, or I know you from somewhere).
American Idol and Glee and The Beatles and/or Michael Jackson are huge pluses.
+ Comment when you could to perpetuate the love; I do the same.
+ I may express certain strong opinions, so it's best for you to keep an open mind.
+ I have the right to reject. I virtually don't, though, so that's not much to worry about.
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Smooth, but not a criminal.
29 August 2009 @ 08:43 am

You know what this means? PARTAAAY!

I never can say goodbye, no no noCollapse )

i'll be there: Moonwalking in space
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so dj spin the sounds: Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone
Smooth, but not a criminal.
After Archie's set, there was a fireworks display over at the far right to wow us until the next set. It was great, though I couldn't help but glance at the stage every once in a while just to see if they were there yet. Soon enough, Kyle, Andy, Joey and Neal appear...everybody is expectant...but wait, where's David?

Awesomeness Continues: David CookCollapse )

Thanks for reading my long-winded recap! Apologies for the crapvids and crapshots--my two cameras didn't exactly have the best zoom, and I was probably about seventeen rows back. If I helped you live (or relive) the concert experience even just a little, then my job's accomplished. :)
i'll be there: Cloud Nine
how does it feel: nostalgicnostalgic
so dj spin the sounds: David Cook - Make Me
Smooth, but not a criminal.
I arrived at the Mall of Asia Ecom building at about 3 pm to meet up with some Cookistas over at Pinoyexchange. People who didn't have reserved seats were already lining up. It was only the second time I met up in real life with people who I only know from the internet, the first time being when we went to Cook's mall "tour" over at SM North Edsa. They're a really great group of fans, I swear! Anyways, moving on....

My bestie and I entered the Concert Grounds at nearly 7 o'clock in the evening. Before we went to our seats, we bought two bottles of water (very important considering all the screaming we were about to do) and saw Jomari Yllanna pass by. I freaked out for a second. I must be really crazy! Haha. :))

The concert began at about 8:30 (late! LOL).

Awesomeness Begins: David ArchuletaCollapse )
i'll be there: Cloud Nine
how does it feel: nostalgicnostalgic
so dj spin the sounds: David Archuleta - Touch My Hand
Smooth, but not a criminal.
16 January 2009 @ 07:06 pm
If you are from MC then please don't answer this anymore. Especially you, savon_heureux. This is for Biology, so just wait for the next school year. :D

Public because of urgency.Collapse )

Comments here are screened for the meantime because I tolerate no cheaters. COMMENTS ARE NO LONGER SCREENED.

ETA: No, this is not a homework I am too lazy to answer. It's a survey for some lab report we have to make. :D

For all those who participated, thanks for making me reach my goal! *huggles*
i'll be there: home
so dj spin the sounds: David Cook - Avalanche (from self-titled debut album)